FIFA 17 CoinsFinally! After years of itemized and grumbled the community is the joyous moment finally arrived: there is a MyCareer with storyline in FIFA 17 Coins. In this FIFA 17 The Journey, as the story is known, special tells you all you need to know about the brand new mode of EA.


4. Alex Hunter

The person to whom it is all about, Alex Hunter. He is an ordinary 17-year-old boy from Clapham, London and breathes football from birth buy fifa coins. That's not surprising, because his grandfather was a striker who once played in the Premier League. he wants to achieve the ultimate goal with help from his grandfather: a seat at one of those famous clubs in the Premier League.


This concept is of course wonderful sell fifa 17 coins. You are at the beginning of your career in football and you're in control. Are you a digital Balotelli, problem child pur sang who does not care about the press or you become a digital David Beckham committed with the fans and the press and also loved by everyone? The choice is entirely yours.


However, you can make your character does not itself Buy FIFA Coins, as is possible, for example NBA 2K. You have to play with The Journey Alex Hunter fifa 17 coins, and you can not personalize this. This is a missed opportunity, as this fact had ensured that you can really experience what it's like to be a proffesional footballer.


3. Choices, choices and more choices

Making choices everywhere you do. Whether it's chocolate spread you have to buy in the supermarket on which brand or while you're clothes to buy: You can not escape it. This is also the case in FIFA 17, The Journey safe fifa coins. And not just the choices you make in the field are important, but also the choices you make off the field have an impact on the lives of Alex Hunter.



you go for the aggressive approach towards your coach and trainers? Or you still go for the somewhat nicer approach, you might yield less than the aggressive, but it makes you more from your coach or trainer can ask for in the future? These choices will be many a crack or her brain when FIFA 17 is available in stores.